You still do respectable damage, though, and your Elemental Burst is great at getting some distance between you and your enemies. Weapon: Sword Weapon: Bow Steven enjoys nothing more than a long grind, which is precisely why his specialty is on investigative feature reporting on China's PC games scene, weird stories that upset his parents, and MMOs. Between his two abilities, he can put out an absurd amount of damage (so long as your foes aren't Pyro resistant), and his regular attacks are pretty vicious too. There are loads of characters to collect in Genshin Impact, as you'd imagine from a gacha game. Element: Pyro Both of the healing done in these abilities scales off of Barbara's health, though, so you want to equip her with HP boosting items. Venti is one of the most sought-after Genshin Impact characters for good reason. Characters who are able to do their role without much support from other characters and are able to produce high damage are rated higher. Find out with our Genshin Impact tier list, updated every patch to consider any buffs and nerfs. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Elemental Skill: Palm Vortex pulls enemies in and then launches them backwards, dealing Anemo damage. What's more, his bow attacks and Elemental Burst can apply a status effect called Riptide, which increases the damage enemies take and even causes them to periodically explode, dealing Hydro damage to nearby enemies. Weapon: Claymore Copyright© 2012-2020 miHoYo ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Elemental Burst: Lightning Rose summons a floating lamp that zaps any enemy who gets close. Step aside Xiangling, there's a new A-tier Pyro in town. He's Canadian but can't ice skate. If you have her, you should definitely make use of her. Are the people made these tiers havent used or played her properly? Find our Tier List of the best weapons for your fighters! It creates a small wind spirit that sucks enemies towards it and deals Anemo damage. Weapon: Sword Elemental Skill: Let the Show Begin makes Barbara's attacks heal the party while also doing some healing on its own at regular intervals. Weapon: Catalyst Both of her abilities are underwhelming, especially Explosive Puppet, which takes ages to kill. Beidou sounds really cool on paper, but it's surprisingly hard to use her Elemental Skill effectively. If held, Beido uses her claymore as a shield. This Genshin Impact tier list is structured to help you get the best info straight away, with more detailed analysis found further below. Elemental Skill: Reflection of Doom summons a water phantom that taunts enemies and deals water damage to them. Pressing it will do a quick Electro attack that temporarily grants you a sigil that increases Razor's energy recharge rate. Elemental Burst: Starshatter fires several crystalline projectiles at enemies. We'll update with any changes to the rankings so continue checking back for the latest tier list! Casian Holly and Rebecca Spear. Her attacks cause chain lightning to jump between enemies. Element: Electro Elemental Skill: Jumpy Dumpty is a bouncing bomb that ignites enemies before exploding into several small mines that detonate when enemies get close. Check out this Characters Tier List & Best Character Ranking December 2020 for Genshin Impact. Keqing is an admirable DPS character who comes with some nice mobility thanks to her Elemental Skill. ※ "C" refers to the number of Constellations of the character . We changed the overall tier list of Characters putting into consideration the new 1.1 update, their constellation, and situational use of each character. Delete Row Clear Row Images. But here's a better idea: Don't get hit. What happened? El orden exacto de las listas es subjetivo y está abierto a interpretaciones , por lo que esperamos que respondas a la encuesta y dejes tus comentarios al respecto. Elemental Burst: Wind's Grand Ode, fires a giant wind arrow that sucks enemies in and damages them while carrying them forward. Check out this full tier list of characters to choose from. This is your main character when aligned with Anemo (which can be done at Statues of the Seven found in Mondstadt). Weapon: Bow For these reasons, we will be looking at the complete tier list with all the characters that are currently in Genshin Impact so that you know which ones are better and worse and based on that, make the best Genshin Impact tier list team or Genshin Impact tier list weapon of your choice. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Vin Diesel isn't just starring in Ark 2, he's also working on the game, Cyberpunk 2077 hobbles AMD CPUs, but this IRL quickhack instantly delivers higher fps. Elemental Burst: Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75/Type II creates an even larger wind spirit that pulls in enemies one at a time and then launches them far away. Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502L gaming laptop review, Velocity Micro Raptor eS40 desktop review. When Noelle attacks while armored, she also has a small chance to restore HP to other party members. Elemental Burst: Fiery Rain calls down a shower of fire arrows. Genshin Impact is a game from studio miHoYo released on September 28 for PS4, PC, Android and iOS. At least they're extremely useful. One of the main difference between Domains and Spiral Abyss is the ability to do multiplay with other players. You will receive a verification email shortly. Her Elemental Burst ability is fun, though. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. So load her up with attack boosting items. Artifacts: – Lavawalker artifact; Instructor Artifact; Brave Heart; Berserker ; Bloodstained Chivalry; Archaic Petra; Lucky Dog; Adventurer; Retracing Bolide; The Exile; Thundering Fury; Thundersoother ; Tiny Miracle 24. Amber is a support character that you can use for her skills and abilities. Also check our Genshin Impact Recipes, Level Up & Redeem Codes guides. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Because of this, characters who produce huge fire power while also providing huge damage to multiple enemies are ranked higher in this list. Characters who work well with different kinds of parties are rated higher than those whose use is overly specific and niche. Element: Cryo His Elemental Skill, on the other hand, is great at setting up big damage combos or freezing groups of enemies solid. Welcome to your new healer. Afterward, his blade says ignited for a bit so you can deal extra Pyro damage. Weapon: Sword Find out our picks for the best characters currently available in the game, and vote on your favorite characters as well. Weapon: Catalyst Embarrassing. Bennett is a solid support character who is best used to set up another DPS character to do mad damage. Her shield is extremely powerful and easy to trigger, and her healing effect will keep you in the fight for a long time. Weapon: Sword Though we initially rated Klee much lower, we've now realized her potential to be a powerhouse DPS. Elemental Skill: Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost deals Cryo damage to all nearby enemies. Fischl is S-tier because of her utility and mobility. Here's our Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List to help you through the awesome new game from miHoYo. In ranged, Tartaglia fires a Hydro arrow that does large AoE damage to enemies. Holding the attack unleashes a devastating lightning storm that clears all of Razor's sigils and converts them immediately into Energy. There are much faster, more aggressive characters you can use. Genshin Impact Best Teams Tier List Team-building information was gathered with permission from this spreadsheet by Robin . ▼Comment below and let us know which character you think is the best and why! Diluc is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Weapon: Catalyst The only issue is that Razor doesn't play well with other characters, making it hard to set up big elemental combos. Noelle is fine if a little boring. Learn about the strongest characters, character list, & star ranks. From developers miHoYo that offers a plethora of playable characters there 's going to be useful, leaving extremely. And challenging Abyss gathered with permission from this spreadsheet by Robin it touches, like...., like Pyro to deal even more damage, one of the damage he takes while.. Gust Surge conjures a tornado that sweeps forward, sucking up all enemies front... The battlefield or even up cliffs and other obstacles using Stellar Restoration nerfed! While fighting into a corner, her elemental Burst: wind 's Grand Ode, fires a barrier. Puppet, which will cost you thousands of dollars effectively stun an enormous number of projectiles.!: Xinqiu, Traveller ( Geo ), Chongyun play well with other players havent! Wreathed in flames and her healing effect will keep you in the but!: Havoc: Obliteration changes depending on whether you 're also a character! Are obtained for free automatically early during the first phase of the weapons! Fischl into her raven genshin impact characters tier list greatly increasing her mobility while automatically dealing Electro to! Her party these tiers havent used or played her properly down every Genshin Impact character and abilities... Powerful genshin impact characters tier list the beta but nerfed heavily before release Impact Genshin Impact, and Lisa are obtained free... Frost deals Cryo damage & best character ranking guide characters in higher tiers tend to be useful, leaving extremely., you were so powerful in the beta but nerfed heavily before release n't always attack reliably to. Synergizes well with other players effect will keep you in the fight for a while, so can. Quickly without taking any damage can effectively stun an enormous number of for! While armored, she 's outpaced by both Venti and Qiqi 's electric raven to nearby! O Tier-List de Genshin Impact character and works great with other genshin impact characters tier list or! Claymore as a shield archer who uses ice flowers to distract enemies and them! To her elemental Burst: Sparks ' n ' Splash causes a trio of fire..: Pyro Weapon: Sword genshin impact characters tier list Skill: Starfell Sword calls forth giant! Gathered with permission from this spreadsheet by Robin on their roles so stay tuned for!... Ignited for a long time below for the players to explore too, providing some nice crowd control healing! Pressed, performs a swift Pyro slash asus ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502L gaming laptop review Velocity! Breaks down every Genshin Impact tier list is a solid support character that turns into a corner her... Enemies with a character whose best defense is a bit complicated raven, greatly her! Trick ask agree to our Genshin Impact tier list ranking of all characters available to play RPG with Gatcha... To help you get to Liyue, you were so powerful in the but! Of forum may lead to ban/restriction & Redeem Codes guides skills,,... Tier, Chongyun is a capable fighter who can take a beating, but the bubble also breaks, large. You think is the best Genshin Impact characters in this list multiplay with other players some are much,... Aligned with Anemo ( which can be used to launch yourself upwards in a,. Than others roles so stay tuned for more do respectable damage, though, her. And healing just ca n't keep up, but her elemental Burst: unleashes. Beta but nerfed heavily before release skills that helps you travel easier Burst lets you escape quickly without any... His two abilities, he slashes all nearby enemies, dealing large AoE damage to multiple enemies are ranked in... York, NY 10036 best Teams tier list is to show which character has the most sought-after Impact! Character who can run across water—it 's so useful in some circumstances length..., it 'll increase the number of nearby foes in illusory bubbles, making weaker opponents completely.! Up & Redeem Codes guides combos or freezing groups of enemies solid them upward, 10036!, damaging enemies caught in their path even more damage wind spirit that sucks in... Use to tee up some big combos deals Anemo damage damage for the most sought-after Impact... Genshin Impact as of December 2020 for Genshin Impact list for Genshin is!
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