Bee propolis is nature’s ultimate protector, showing powerful healing properties for bees and luckily us humans too! A severe case of tonsillitis in Italy led co-founder and CEO Carly Stein to discover a propolis throat spray that became the company's first product. She created a business modal to contract the beekeepers to prevent bees from becoming extinct. Their all-natural, health-boosting products, made with honey, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly, are sourced from sustainable apiaries full of healthy bees. INGREDIENTS. Krysia Boinis is the co-founder of Vapour Beauty—the conscious natural beauty brand that's leading the way in clean cosmetics. —. Series: The Party in My Plants Podcast Episode: 173. She somehow managed—between her swollen mouth and broken Italian—to communicate her symptoms to the pharmacist, and he suggested propolis. Beekeeper's Naturals | 2,320 followers on LinkedIn. Unable to find bee propolis on the shelves of her local health food stores and pharmacies, Carly had to dig deep to find her secret weapon. 1. Make sure to scroll... Read more. Carly outlines her company’s most recent round of funding, how the brand has grown since being founded in 2016, and what the future holds. ‎Show The Brand is Female, Ep Carly Stein- Founder & CEO, Beekeepers' Naturals - Mar 19, 2020 But what about your sore throat or stubborn cold? How Bees Can Transform Your Health with Carly Stein. I like natural things. Beekeeper's Naturals: Beekeeper's Naturals ... BKN I like natural things. Carly is also a tireless advocate for the preservation of the waning global bee population and, through Beekeepers, supports the protection of hives across North America. Series: The Life Stylist Episode: God Save The Bees: Nature’s Best Medicine With Carly Stein #175. It’s natural. We put the bees first in the process of making our products and want our bees and customers alike to thrive. See more of Beekeepers Natural HONEY on Facebook. Learn how our founder unlocked superfoods from the hive and how they saved her health. A food scientist committed to creating natural and healthy products for the educated consumer, Dr. Samanci is a pioneer to combine science and nature for safer, more effective natural bee products. In this Q&A, DTC Daily speaks to Carly Stein, founder of science-based, healing products and natural medicines company (and DTC brand!) Founders Carly Stein. This also allowed her to create and patent the Propolis in its healthiest, most natural, and safe … One of our core values is to practice, share and promote sustainable beekeeping. We ensure that our bees are healthy, pollinate in safe locations and we never over-harvest, leaving our bees with plenty of honey, pollen, and propolis of their own. Q+A with the Founder of Vapour Beauty. Community See All. After a wonderful propolis-fuelled trip Carly said ‘au revoir’ to Europe and returned home to finish her final year of university. #BKN #BKNHIVE My inspiration for creating Beekeeper’s Naturals came about organically. I like hiking and getting lost in nature and I like my foods and health remedies without chemicals. We chat with the founder of the bee-centered wellness line about beauty secrets, wellness tips, and more. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. A Stronger Partnership Between Marketing and IT, How to Use TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Insights. (Hint: It's not honey.) Krysia Boinis is the co-founder of Vapour Beauty—the conscious natural beauty brand that's leading the way in clean cosmetics. Chelsey Gould ([email protected]) Published: Dec 11 at 5:21 p.m. At Beekeeper’s we love science – we use science to formulate and test our products obsessively. We feel that with your help we can make a difference and #SaveTheBees! I wasn’t planning to start a company, I was simply looking for a natural health product that actually delivered. Beekeeper's Naturals, Inc. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Member only content . The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Through our partnership with two of the leading North American bee research institutions, The University of California Davis Bee Research Facility and the Canadian Honey Council, we have created a platform for giving, education, and awareness regarding the plight of the bees. Immune support to energy support. WORD FROM OUR FOUNDER. For Carly it all started with a semester abroad in Europe. She sought out a local beekeeper to learn more about everything bees and beekeeping and what the bees have to offer. Forgot account? Presented by Welltodo, your host, Lauren Armes will take you into the minds of the wellness industry’s most successful brand owners, industry leaders and … Duration: 54 min. {"taxonomy":"","sortby":"","label":"","shouldShow":""}, © 2020 Adweek - All Rights Reserved, Outlook 2021: The Year Ahead in Marketing and Media, #AskNewser: Cable Newsers on How Their Shows Will Evolve Under the Biden Administration, Ozarks Station Shuffles Anchors to Kick Off 2021, After Getting Covid-19, Hartford Anchor Prepares TV Return at Competing Station, Uber Names R/GA as Global Social Agency of Record. Beauty Starts with B. Powered - Great as a face mask or upgrade your smoothies -. Experience hive-powered health. Choosing a CDP Doesn’t Need to Be So Hard, Why Lexus Turned to Connected TV to Create Mass Awareness, TV’s Strong Halo Effect Will Enhance Digital Campaign Performance, Make the Resolution to Prioritize Customer Retention in 2021. We won't share your address with anybody else. We’re reinventing the medicine cabinet with clean remedies (that actually work). Ten years ago, there was nothing ‘clean’ that Kristine or I enjoyed using, and … Our first product is—you guessed it—a propolis spray, created with students, professionals, parents and anyone with a busy lifestyle in mind. Create New Account. Fill your medicine cabinet with clean & natural remedies (that actually work). Series: The Female Health Solution Podcast Episode: 169. Product/Service . Krysia Boinis is the co-founder of Vapour Beauty—the conscious natural beauty brand that's leading the way in clean cosmetics. Facing the prospect of cutting her trip short for surgery, she desperately searched for a less extreme solution. This time she knew what she needed. Heidi Herrmann is co-founder and trustee at the Natural Beekeeping Trust — a UK-based charity that promotes bee-care that serves bees rather than beekeepers. My inspiration for creating Beekeeper’s Naturals came about organically. Within days, her tonsillitis was in retreat and she was taking in the art at the Uffizi Gallery. Legal Name Beekeeper's Naturals Inc. Beekeeper’s Naturals is a natural health product company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality superfoods from the hive. Here are the answers some of our amazing team members came up with... plus some pretty cool dance moves. Powered by nature, backed by science. With her chipmunk cheeks filled with gelato (her stop-gap remedy of choice) she stumbled across an Italian pharmacy full of wonderful bee products. 00:39:58 - In this special series we speak to inspiring women role models from different backgrounds who share their views and advice for dealing with the peri… Each of our products has been rigorously tested to meet the highest potency standards. What exactly does that mean? Our purpose is simple: to bring you the highest quality products from the hive and nurture a greater awareness for saving our bees! Shop Now Beekeeper’s Naturals makes organic products that all have antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Beekeeper’s Naturals has secured a $3.5 million Series A round of funding led by Sonoma Brands to further its R&D in developing natural alternatives for the medicine cabinet. ‎Carly Stein is on a mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet and whilst she’s at it, save the bees! Make sure … B.LXR is caffeine-free, plant-powered, and packed with brain-loving adaptogens to naturally support thinking power and brain health. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Beekeepers Natural HONEY. Shop Now Bees naturally produce propolis to protect themselves and their hives from bacteria. Four months of sightseeing and wine drinking finally caught up with her in Florence, where her tonsils ballooned to the size of a meatball. 4.8. Join the waitlist We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Bees are nature’s consummate workers and the ultimate team players. © Copyright 2020. What inspired you to create Vapour Beauty? What is bee propolis? And we’re gonna really delve into those today. Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content. beekeepers naturals. Display. In that quest, I encountered all of the newest magical health elixirs but ended up spending a lot of money on ineffective health-store powders, or over-the-counter synthetic immune boosters that temporarily dampened my symptoms but never got rid of them. 15,995 people like this. From energy to concentration and brain fog, get lifted with all natural health-boosting solutions straight from the hive! And it works. Carly Stein is the founder of Beekeeper’s Natural, a line of superfoods from the hive that brings the ancient power of bees into the 21st century. Vapour grew out of our personal need for clean color cosmetics. This week on The Business of Wellness podcast we’re joined by Carly Stein, Founder of natural remedy business, Beekeeper’s Naturals. Operating Status Active. It’s a must for anyone leading an active lifestyle and who hates getting sick. or. Two years later with her tonsils intact, Carly is running Beekeeper’s Naturals and hopes to share propolis and all of its benefits with North America. By Heide Palermo | May 6, 2020. Last Funding Type Series A. Not Now. Our founder @stein.carly explains it best. And I am here with Carly Stein who is the founder and CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals, which is a natural health product company that’s developing very innovative bee-made nutraceuticals that provide effective natural solutions to a lot of modern health problems. Log In. But I had a dilemma: where do I find natural health products that actually work? Make sure to scroll down for a 20% discount code on your next Vapour Beauty order! Skeptical, but willing to try anything, Carly forked over €7 and squeezed a few drops. Beekeeper’s Naturals Founder on the Buzz Behind Its Recent Sales Surge and Expansion. Desperate for a natural cure, I was given a bottle of propolis by an Italian pharmacist. But we also think Mother Nature is pretty incredible. #BKN #BKNHIVE Tue Nov 20 2018. Thinking back now, it should have been obvious that bees were the answer. But I had a dilemma: where do I find natural health products that actually work? Suzanne Daniels, the founder of Anther & Apiary, started beekeeping after learning about how they were being impacted by the environment. It’s simple. You can think of propolis as the immune system of the hive and a key factor in overall hive health. Duration: 2 hr 14 min . Following a series of personal health problems, a chance encounter with bee propolis in an Italian pharmacy, and an unfulfilling career in finance, Carly launched natural remedy brand Beekeeper’s Natu… It can cure horrible diseases, cancers and disabilities. That is why our all-natural health-boosting products are made with the purest ingredients from sustainable apiaries full of healthy bees. Her mission is to improve the health of bees and humans alike. 11 months ago. Just leave your valid email address below. Suzanne Matheson is a busy bee. I like hiking and getting lost in nature and I like my foods and health remedies without chemicals. WHO: Beekeeper’s Naturals , founded by 28-year-old Carly Stein, is spearheading a new … Does the Growth of Connected TV Spell Trouble for Ad Tech? Featuring royal jelly, ginkgo biloba, and bacopa monnieri, B.LXR is essential for anyone looking to hunker down and get things done. But, desperate to solve my health problem, I gave it a shot. 3 Dirty Ingredients to Avoid in Your Medicine Cabinet (and 5 to Add) When you're feeling under the weather, all you want to do is feel better. Q+A with the Co-Founder of Vapour Beauty. Listen to this episode from The Brand is Female on Spotify. Carly Stein greets you with a warm smile full of natural sunshine, the opposite of what you might think from a woman who started her career at a hedge fund and then moved to Goldman Sachs. Beekeeper's natural products all the buzz in downtown Truro. I really had no idea what it was and I was skeptical, especially after years of buying in to the latest and greatest superfood fads only to wind up disappointed by a lack of results. TRURO, N.S. Science is amazing. Beekeeper’s Naturals. This little expedition sparked a passion. - Chelsey Gould. But within a few months Carly’s tonsils flared up again and surgery was looking unavoidable. Just leave your valid email address below. At Beekeeper’s Naturals, we are dedicated to sustainably sharing the world of “beegan” superfoods with you to keep you functioning at your best.
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