comes down to personal preference I guess. carp rig setup Chod Leader Mechanics. 3 Slide the No-Trace parts onto a splicing needle like so. With the latch closed retract the needle through the leader, using your index finger and thumb to manipulate the splice at the point the loop is formed will help to get it moving. Here is what you need to make your Chod Rig Setup . Then slide on a helicopter sleeve and attach your chosen lead using a palomar or grinner knot. 4 - 'The Snowman Rig' The snowman rig is basically a boilie bottom bait with a pop-up or buoyant topper on the same hair. NOTES: Position your silicone tubing and bead at a distance from the lead that is sufficient for your rig to settle on top of Silt or low lying weed, this could be anything from a couple of inches to a foot or more for deeper silt. 1 Start by taking an 18-inch length of Kable Leadcore. Do the same with a size 11 Quick change Heli ring swivel or Flexi ring swivel (whichever you'd prefer to attach your rig to later). Chod Rig (ready tied ones are great!) Carp Fishing Setup for Beginners. Carp rig the drop off lead rig. How to construct a Helicopter setup - With Lead free leader. Unlike your typical rig, the lead on the chod comes after the hook while the hooklink moves freely between a couple of stop beads. STEP THREE: Slip a Speed link or Q ring onto the leader then trap the cut end in the gate latch of the splicing needle. STEP SEVEN: Take one of our 6mm Tapered bore beads, if you really want to pin down yor rig use the Tungsten variant. 10 Slide the silicone down over the Kwik-Link. Running vs semi-fixed is a whole other debate - personally I use a lead clip unless i'm fishing a chod rig, and I do just fine. Instead of a traditional carp rig,where you may attach a leader, hook length and then your hook (in that order), the chod rig actually sits between your lead and leader. Scissors, Knot puller and fine splicing needle. CHOD RIG: STEP 5. The best of the long-range codling rigs for clean ground, the loop, sometimes called the Portsmouth or Golds rig, is very popular for seeking maximum range. Begin to whip the knotless knot, away from the eye closure. Ensure that your bore bead can pass over the knot connecting your leader to mainline, this will be correct if you've threaded the bead on as detailed above. With a chod rig, you can pretty much cast in any direction at any area of the lake and you know for a fact that your rig is well presented well regardless of if it lands in weed or silt. With the helicopter setup, the rotational element of the rig means that it’s very rarely going to tangle, even when just using the main line. You can over light silt, helicoptoer style. Slide a small rig ring onto the tag, then poke the tag through the eye and trim off the excess. Rigs that utilise Semi stiff or Stiff hook link like our Revolve™ bristle filament are well suited to the helicopter with Hinged stiff rigs, Chod rigs, Ronnie and German rigs all being suitable choices. When you cast your chod rig out, your lead sinks to the depths and your hooklength flies back up your line/leader. What you'll need to construct a helicopter leader: A spool of Gravit8™ Lead free leader, a speed link or Q ring which your lead will attach to, Helicopter buffer bead, a size 11 QC or standard flexi ring swivel, Silicone leader tubing and a standard or Tungsten 6mm Tapered bore bead. The specially designed Chod Sleeves, Barrel Beads and No-Trace beads combine to offer a solution to the problems that consistent hook link ejection has dogged leadcore users for years. It is also, when used with a fixed lead, a safe arrangement should a breakage occur. STEP ONE: Cut a length of Gravit8™ Lead free leader material, Three foot is a good starting point. For cleaner bottoms this setup has proved very effective and the mechanics of the rig work very similar to that of another classic, the hinged stiff rig. A knot puller is perfect for this. 1) These are the bits you'll need to tie the whole setup Using a very short, rigid hook length (about an inch or so), you place this between two beads like the image below, sliding into the position you require. The Chod Rig. The rig is based upon a helicopter rig and uses many of the same components. Our Gravit8™ Leader is the perfect material for this setup being incredibly supple, dense, easy to splice and because of its diameter, carp friendly. The Tungsten buffer hood has been cleverly designed to separate the hook link and lead whilst playing fish on Helicopter or Chod rig set ups. The helicopter rig gets its name from the rotational movement of the hooklink around the leader when the rig is cast out. drop-off rig for carp fishing. How to tie the Naked 'Breakaway' Chod Rig Mastered the Chod Rig but finding it difficult to drop the lead and land fish from the weed? 11 Position the plastic sleeve an inch from the bottom bead. Finish up the knotless knot. The chod rig is made of a very short and stiff fluorocarbon hooklink that implies that this rig can be presented above any weed, silt or debris on the bottom (sometimes more than the normal pop-up rig can). Keep the same key presentation afforded by a chod rig and reduce the potential losses that could be getting made with a conventional setup – it’s a potential game changer. This should be rigged with a helicopter style setup, using an inline lead and a large metal ring. The chances of landing that fish will have been greatly reduced due to the force just described either popping the hook out or substantially weakening your hook hold. 4 Now pull the components onto the leadcore as shown. Image of angling, core, food - 167645979. STEP FIVE: At the other end of the leader slip a Heli buffer bead on and slide it all the way down to the speed link. How does the Chod Rig Work? Home | "How To..." Videos, Rig Tying Videos, Tom Oliver Videos, Videos | Carp Fishing ~ PVA Bag Rig and Lead Set-Up ~ Video However, there might be a little more potential for tangles with the lead clip arrangement, but I use two PVA foam nuggets in a mesh bag and nick it on to the hook before casting. Work it onto the splicing needle and then transfer it onto the leader and down towards to speed link. The helicopter rig, or rotary rig as it's sometimes known, is the safest leader setup to use with the chod or hinged-stiff rigs. 2 Remove 2cms of wire to create a slack piece of sheathing. Then check this out and get your presentation bang on! Like the chod, the Roddy can be cast over most lakebeds, though remember to set the top bead on your leader to the depth of the weed, so that the rig can travel up to that point should the lead and lower half of the leader sink into any weed. Tie on a 12-inch length of fluorocarbon to the Heavy Ring using a grinner knot. STEP EIGHT: Now at the opposite end of the leader create another splice following the same steps detailed at the beginning of the how to, but without a speed link. Once the lead has hit the bottom, your baited rig then slowly sinks until it encounters the first piece of weed or chod, where it’ll then settle and start fishing. This allows the pop up bait and hook to settle on top of any ‘chod… Chod Rig. My first bit of advice when fishing chod rigs would be to not use too bigger a lead. At one end fold over around 2 - 2.5 Inches. Toffee Publications Ltd, Dunelm House, 65b Lower Olland Street, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1BY. TWO-HOOK LOOP RIG . ... perfect for the chod rig which is often called the big carp rig as it lands so many monsters. I have had a couple of exchanges with people who feel the chod rig trumps the PVA bag and if they could only fish with one rig for the rest of their days it would be the choddy. First off, you don’t want to fish this with the Chod Rig running on the main line – it needs to be semi-fixed. Twisting the bead will help. 1 Start by taking an 18-inch length of Kable Leadcore. Chod Rig This is another very popular type of pop-up rig, which, however, is set up differently from the conventional pop-up rig. How to set-up a leader for a Chod rig Follow these simple steps to learn how to tie a leader for a Chod rig. If needs be trim a little off the end then work the outer section of the splice over the inner section. once the tag end dissapears inside the leader give the splice a good pull with a knot puller tool to compress the splice. Having the lead weight on It can sit over anything on the bottom meaning you always have a presentation ready for a bite. Now thread it onto the leader, note for fish safety it's important that the smaller hole is first with the larger hole following. The Leadcore Chod Safety System is, without doubt, the biggest advance in rotary-rig safety EVER. Fished in a helicopter style with the rig running along either a leader (leadcore or unleaded) or ‘naked’ on the main line. STEP FOUR: Once the the needle is back out, pull on the cut end until the loop is closed up tightly against the speed link. 16 The final rig will look like this: safe and secure. Every rig box needs a go-anywhere pop-up presentation – a 4×4 of a rig that can be deployed as an emergency if your time or information is limited. Ensure that your bore bead can pass over the knot connecting your leader to mainline, this will be correct if you've threaded the bead on as detailed above. The Heli-Safe can be used with a standard helicopter rig or a chod rig, on a leader or naked on the main line – either is fine. And the chod rig is just that. This spinning motion gives the set-up excellent anti-tangle properties because the hooklink is stretched out and cannot wrap itself around the leader. 14 Remove some of the wire at the other and pass the needle through. STEP SIX: Now cut a small length of our ultra grippy Silicone Leader tubing, around 10 to 12mm will be ideal. One of the great things about this product is that you don’t have to drop the lead every time; you’re able to keep it attached, should you want to. This reduces the risk of hook pulls by keeping the rig away from the lead, stopping the lead bouncing around and potentially hitting the fish during the fight. 8 Next, cut the swivel off your lead with a pair of pliers. CHOD RIG: STEP 4. This is used to attach a lead to the carp rig but also allows for this lead to be dropped should the carp become tangled in the weed or even if the carp fishing line were to break off. When bedding down the splice insert something into the loop to prevent it closing up. A Kingfisher Lake 'Chod Rig' on a leadcore leader - note I've encapsulated the pop-up in shrink wrap to try to put off the crayfish. Baiting needle to aid putting the beads on to the leadcore. Carefully insert the hook point in the bag ensuring the hook link section is straight, and impossible to tangle, and guaranteeing your setup is fish ready every time. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about new carp gear from Angling Iron, exclusive offers, competitions and more! You’re not relying on the weight of the lead to set the hook when a carp takes you hook bait as is normally the case when fishing off the lead, so there’s no need to use a heavy lead. But the hinged rig is not one you can fish over chod effectively. keeping it perpendicular to the leader insert the splicing needle and gently work it through the inside until it reaches the fold line, now poke the needle back through to the outside. ESP Consultant Dave Ellyatt shows us the new Chod Rig Sleeves & Leaders in this exclusive video. Now I don’t dispute that this rig is a winner in certain circles, but it does have its pitfalls as well as its benefits. Setup pva fising bag with a lot of food and sause for carp Man is setting … Slide it down and locate it upon the section of Silicone tubing. A Helicopter lead setup is a great arrangement for reducing the likelihood of tangles on the cast. The Chod Best Winter Carp Rigs. Carp Rig The Drop Off Lead Rig. STEP TWO: Compress the main length of leader at the point at which the folded section ends, this will open up the weave and increase the ease with which it can be spliced. Available in both weed green and gravel colours and in 90cm lengths, if you love a chod rig then these are certainly worth a go. 13 Wet the sleeve fully and slide your bead up onto the sleeve. A Teal Lake 31 (my Cosgrove Park PB) that I took in November 2015 on a Chod Rig . Photo about Carp fishing chod rig. When the ring swivel of your chod rig hits that lead, attached to a stiff very short hook link, the pressure is all upwards on your hook hold. The chod rig works all year round, but in the winter months when the leaves have come off the tree and other debris has made its way to the bottom of the lake there is no better rig in our opinion than the chod rig. 6 Attach a Kwik-Link using a Two-Turn Grinner Knot. 15 Singe the tip of the sheathing with a lighter to blob the end. The Rotten Bottom Chod rig is designed to cast into very weedy swims with the confidence of knowing that if the lead gets trapped in the weed, the weak mono link will snap allowing you to safely play the carp. Carp Fishing Chod Rig. Just use a distance lead that will bed down into light silt and the hooklink section should lie on the bottom ok, without any dodgy presentation. Made from a heavy, strong Tungsten material it ensure’s to keep the hook link away from the lead under great pressure, and best of all to keep things pinned down away from the wariest of carp. Tip 1: Lead Size. Home / Uncategorized / carp rig setup. Don't overcomplicate it. CHOD RIG: STEP 6. To construct the setup it is essentially the same for both Naked Chod or Leadcore use. RIG CHOICE: Because of the nature of the helicopter set up most rigs can be used with it. By positioning the top bead much closer to the lead, which is how the chod rig originally appeared, you bring the weight of the lead into the equation almost instantly. This will be the length of our splice. If a fish is cut off during the fight, or picks up a cracked-off rig, then it can ditch the leader easily, thanks to the Leadcore Safety System. 7 It should now be looking something like this. Mechanics:. With the helicopter setup your hook link will always sit against the top bead throughout the cast, allowing a set amount of separation between your rig and the lead. Some anglers use beads or rubber stops on the rig body to prevent the pulley jamming in the lead clip, although this is far less likely to happen when using a pulley bead. This what enables anglers to be fished in deep weed. Leadcore leader; Tight fitting top bead that can slide under moderate pressure when wet. 9 Now attach the lead to the Kwik-Link like so. Previous. CHOD RIG: STEP 7. Pop up - For me its the hinge stiff every tine, some prefer the multi-rig or the Ronnie as it sits lower. 5 Next, follow this with a 3mm Silicone Sleeve. Standard Choddy. 12 You now want to slide a ring swivel onto the leader. Pop a rig ring onto the tag that projects up from the knot. NOTES: Position your silicone tubing and bead at a distance from the lead that is sufficient for your rig to settle on top of Silt or low lying weed, this could be anything from a couple of inches to a foot or more for deeper silt. HOW TO TIE THE RODDY RIG.
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