Glaze is a translucent paint used for a variety of decorative painting techniques. I use equal parts of glazing medium and black paint. It can be tinted with any universal colorants or oil-based paint. Thick coats of paint will make it harder to sand and achieve the look you seek. With an exceptional ease of application with a long open time, our Antiquing Glaze delivers the performance of a professional finish that everyone can achieve! The Glaze Couture will enhance the sheen and also seal the material. Glaze gives that added depth and dimension to otherwise plain painted cabinets. Very easy to customize and work with to create your own masterpiece. Glazing is a highly controllable way of adding the antiquing or metallic look between layers of paint and the finish coat. You can either use Black to … Paint Technique: Weathered Wood Siding The look of weathered wood siding adds simple texture to walls by just using two colors of paint. Examine the existing finish on your ceramic piece. Try Crackle Medium, Furniture Glaze, or Antiquing Dust to add an authentically aged look to your furniture. Add an antiquing glaze over Chalked paint for a handcrafted look that enhances brush strokes, wood grain, corners, crevices and more. When you stain, the How to antique glaze furniture is the complete step by step tutorial on how to transform a hum-drum piece into something beautiful! Always do a sample spot test to ensure desired results prior to full application. Antiquing cabinets is the process of applying a dark glaze to a lighter cabinet door, to give it the appearance of old age and wear and tear. Use above or below a chair rail for dramatic designer effects. If it is shiny, then it has been glazed and you will need to prime it first. This is a tintable glaze or base for use in creating antique, graining or faux finishes. With the Clear Glaze, you can mix in a little bit of any other paint color to create a custom-colored glaze. Add the All-In-One Paint's antiquing gel to tone and age your painted finish. I also used a fan brush to get the glaze into the smaller details. Supplies & The Recipe The first step is to mix your antique glaze solution. I was planning to use the modern glaze above on an actual piece of furniture, but got so excited about all the color possibilities, I just pulled out more paint and started making glazes in all different colors to show you. Glaze Effects are translucent water-based colors used to create beautiful decorative finishes such as marbling, shabby chic, burnishing and color washing. A.K.A. Remember to always experiment with sample boards prior to tackling a larger, more permanent project. and you will need to prime it first. Clean Cabinets Use on clean walls, ceilings, furniture, ideeas and trim. Spread it without being too fussy, and quickly dab and rub off what does not sit in the details. Wrap a smooth, clean rag around your index finger and carefully wipe off any excess glaze that's accumulated outside of the distressed spots that were created when the cabinet's edges were darkened. We Offer 45 fabulous shades of stunning iridescence! Over light colours, use sparingly so as not In case you missed my original post you can read it here. Just a quick update on using Valspar’s Furniture paint with Antiquing glaze. Because this product is thick, you won't have runs or drips in your finish. It should not be too thick as too fill the details. my Metallic Glaze and Wood Stain in one! Just pour some antiquing glaze onto the plate/palette and sponge away. If I’m preparing to paint my cabinets using the products and colors, as well as your recommendations of tools. Such pieces fit … Clear and Antiquing Glaze creates beautiful aged finishes with dimension. Over light colors, use Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze sparingly so as not to over-age your piece. Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets: Wiping Off Excess Antiquing Glaze Step 7 in distressing and antiquing kitchen cabinets is to wipe off any residual glaze. With a little paint, glaze and newspaper, see how to re-create the luxurious look. Now that you’ve got your glaze prepared, all you need is a paint brush or sponge brush, and some damp rags. If it is all white with a porous matte finish, then it is likely bisque and you will not need to prime it first. Remember, the lighter the hand, the better this antiquing will turn out. Whatever your style may be, there's something here Learn more by visiting today! Antiquing Glaze is a light brown already mixed glaze that can be used on painted pieces you’d like to give an aged look and highlight details. I absolutely love the look of glazed cabinets, it’s sophisticated and elegant and really boosts the overall look of your kitchen. Browse Colors Moose Mousse 3003-10A LRV 45 RGB 199, 179, 158 HEX #c7b39e Available at Lowe's Order Free Chip Sign Up For Our Email Sign Up Information About Newsroom Careers For Retailers Need Help? Use one color or multiple colors on raw wood, stained surfaces or on top of one of our vibrant paints! Aug 24, 2016 - Valspar offers an extensive array of interior and exterior paint, stain & sealant products to fit your project needs. Let the first coat dry for 24 hours before proceeding to the next step. Valspar translucent glaze comes pre-tinted, or it can be custom tinted using latex paint. Valspar antiquing glaze ideas. Wonderful for creating age or a soft look. There are a few ways to antique glaze furniture, but there is an easy way to do it using Behr’s Faux Glaze. Since the Latex Glaze is translucent (tinting creates a transparent glaze and mixing with paint creates a semi-opaque glaze), the basecoat color influences the finished appearance. You will be surprised at how simple antiquing can be. How to Antique With Latex Paint. While you can do this to a damaged cabinet to make it appear a bit more 'chic', it With an exceptional ease of application with a long open time, our Antiquing Glaze delivers the performance of a professional finish that everyone can achieve! Sometimes light brown glaze is just not what you’re looking for and that’s when I make my own glaze with Fusion’s Clear Glaze . Any brush would work, I just like my fan brush for some reason. Oct 8, 2017 - Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze is lightly tinted to a rich brown for the perfect antiquing look and soft matte finish. You can use glaze on a variety of paint projects, from smooth walls to heavily plastered ceilings, to furniture and cabinets. Question for you, did you use a final top coat after you completed the glaze to protect the finish, such as Beautiful work! Antiquing Glaze is Wonderful for creating a soft or aged look. Over light colors, use sparingly so as not to over age your piece. This ‘Antiquing stain’ is meant to get into the details and be absorbed by the concrete. Jun 9, 2017 - Image result for valspar antiquing glaze color chart Fusion Antiquing Glaze is lightly tinted to a rich brown for the perfect antiquing look and soft matte finish. Best of all, it’s easy to How to Use Valspar Antiquing Glaze - How to Use Valspar Antiquing Glaze - Today I am servicing a great easy Do It Yourself task so I assumed I would certainly share it and also show you how easy it is to apply antiquing glaze to any kind of product. Glaze paint, antiquing glaze, chalk paint, chalked paint, rust-oleum, rustoleum, chalk paint colors May be used on canvas and mixed This antiquing gel is equivalent to a thick glaze with a built in top coat. The various effects available from Faux Impressions® Latex Glaze are accomplished by applying 1 or more layers of colored glaze over a base coat. Stain Vs Glaze? I’ve used white glaze before on this project, and totally look forward to trying out other colors!! Glazing is the term used for a thin, transparent layer of paint, particularly in oil painting and acrylics. So say you wanted a pearl finish on top of a Fusion offers both an already-tinted Antiquing Glaze, as well as a Clear Glaze. Glaze comes in different colors and sizes American Paint Company’s Glaze Finish comes in two colors and two sizes. Nowadays, many new furniture items are finished in a way that makes them look much older than they are. For a more glitzy, modern style, try Metallic Cream or Glass Glitter! I started with an round dining table from a thrift store, it is the perfect size for my dining room and I had been looking for one for a long time. Mix it all together, kids. As a wood stain, Tinting Glaze can be tinted with universal colorants or intermixed with Glazes are used on top of one another to build up depth and modify colors in a painting. The results, beautiful! What is a Glaze, or Glazing? Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed
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