Maybe the other companies will take heed and the days of arbitray model numbers will fade in our memories like the last millennium, while the quality and consistency of the product itself continues to improve. Department. This hook features a model "perfect bend" to produce a traditional-style dry fly hook that is both versatile and appealing to the eye of the fly tyer. Hook Description Daiichi Avalon Mustad Orvis Eagle Claw Partridge Tiemco Down Eye Scud 1130 NA 80250BR 1639 LO55 K4A 2487 Midge / Emerger 1140 NA 80100BR 1639 NA NA 206BL Heavy Scud 1150 NA 80200BR 8891 LO56 NA 2457 Curved Shank 1270 A1270 80050BR 1510 LO52 NA 200R Chironomid 1273-In Colors NA NA 161T NA NA NA WET/NYMPH HOOKS Hook Description Daiichi Avalon Mustad … DRY FLY : Wide gape, down eye – 1X-fine: 100. Mustad offers a wide range of hooks and fishing gear for both the avid and aspiring angler. Nano Smooth Coat finish. Allow me to explain each of these components further. The Mustad C70NP-DT Signature saltwater big game fly tying hook features Mustad's unique Z-Steel alloy which is applied over high carbon steel for a hook that greatly surpasses stainless steel in both strength and corrosion resistance. Options available. Mustad hook chart of these hook type includes about 40 different types of hooks for any kind of fly fishing. Umpqua U SERIES HOOK. Attached is a Hook Comparison Chart for Togen, Mustad, Tiemco and Daiichi hooks. Here is Daichi’s Hook Conversion / Comparison Chart: Fly Tyers Hook Guide & Hook Conversion / Comparison Charts PPP 10/0 7/0 9/0 6/0 8/0 . However, there are some exceptions to this rule. The C70NP-DT big game hook has a straight shank, curved bend, 2 extra heavy wire and a standard length shank. Mustad Signature Fly Hooks are developed by the world's top fly tiers and fly fishermen to give you the sharpest and strongest hooks with exact proportions. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Mustad UltraPoint Hooks - TackleDirect sells Mustad UltraPoint Hooks, which are high performance hooks that stay sharper longer. 1110. DRY FLY. MUSTAD signature. %%EOF ������YL�4��J4w�O0r�ca��OS�����[�C�c3�i_`1�eB � Y����B!/CCC������7,��� � o�� DRY FLY. U001 #08-24 Every Mustad pattern is specifically designed with consistent hook gap, bend, wire diameter and shank length for precise scaling. Free UK Delivery by Amazon. 10 21 DESCRIPTION CURRENT MODEL # Strength/Length/Other MUSTAD TMC DAIICHI Dai-Riki 94840 STD / STD R50-94840 100, 5210 1170 320 Mustad Classic 39944 Standard Wire Demon Perfect In Line Wide Gap Circle Hook | Saltwater Freshwater hooks for Tuna, Catfish, Bass and more 4.6 out of 5 stars 286 $10.95 $ 10 . The use at a little heav er wire than traditiona dry fly hooks produces a hook that is tough enough to handle large trout in weedy stream or lake cond tians. FISHN The Rig Shallow Rig for pike lures - 7,5/8cm hook spacing, up to 20kg for Softlures up to 20cm with MUSTAD hooks. X���/=�2�ޠ�i���9ഘC�����ppS��B��nu�v��bq��k���z0�U���2� ��>�o���= kܭ����UU��-������Y��F�=��M��T��}�m��4�!l�5�4j� 4���>֔�. Understanding Fly Fishing Hooks (Size Charts and PDF) Fly Fishing Tips If you’re new to the fly tying world and a video starts with something like, “Oh, you’re going to need a 4x hook with a 2x long shank and a dumbbell bead to start,” don’t worry. mustad hook chart, Mustad. I had an entire bead case I was using for hook storage open up and now need to manually re-sort them by size...brutal. 20/0 (010 p p prop 16/0 14/0 18/0 15/0 13/0 12/0 . Mustad Pacific Bass Hooks #3489 Size 4 Norway Super Sharp E44. Good for them. To shop online, please visit our website. I)�P�A�yWv�j�^jh0e�7]�Y�+�~7}�����T2��qLj!��6@��쀥�,���c���l�;��L���T`�����i/�_��(P6�� Widely respected for both the quality of their hooks and the wide range of hook types they manufacture, Mustad is almost certain to make the hook you need. 4 … ALL MADE IN OUR OWN PLANT IN NORWAY. 0000000016 00000 n The biggest mass produced fishing hooks is 27/0 Mustad hook for shark fishing. 0000017834 00000 n 0000013250 00000 n DAI-RIKI. You can buy a large variety of Mustad hooks from our website. 0000001344 00000 n They are rust quickly in the salt water, which mean that lost hooks will disappear very quickly. If you already purchased a hook but you still do not know what type of fish to use it with, you need to refer to a hook size chart. Duratin. P PPP 7/0 11/0 9/0 6/0 5/0 12/0 10/0 8/0 4/0 . Circle Hooks. 0000068952 00000 n G Finesse…A Ground-Breaking Achievement In Hook Design 95 $11.78 $11.78 Knife edge point, Forged shank, Ta-pered brazed ring eye. Through rigorous testing and quality control, using only the best possible materials and Mustad technology, we make sure our all purpose hooks remain exactly that: a versatile, durable and dependable alternative to most kinds of specialized hooks. Here is The Rvrwader Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Comprehensive Hook Conversion / Comparison Chart: RvrWader’s Hook Comparison / Conversion Charts. Nano Smooth Coat finish. description current model # strength/length/other mustad tmc daiichidai-riki c51s bln std / 1xl discontinued c52s bln std / 2xl c52s bln 8089 2720, 2722 ck52s std / 2xl ck52s n/a n/a c53s std / 3xl c53s 200r 1270 270 c67s 2xh / 3xs c67s 105 1150, 1510 Thanks! They are cheap, so it is not so expensive to change them very often. Kona's advanced, innovative fly fishing hooks meet the demands of modern fly anglers using Japanese steel and superior production techniques. Hooks Daiichi® Dai-Riki® Mustad® Orvis® Eagle Claw® Partridge Tiemco Barbless Jig & Nymph 5220 4647 2BCJ SUJ 400BL Barbless Wide Gap Jig 5230 1P2A SLJ 450BL Dry Fly 7010 1310 305 7957B 1876, 1523 59 L2A 9300 1X Long Dry Fly & Light Nymph 7011 1170 300 94840 1638 H1A 5210, 100 Dry Fly, Straight Eye 7013 1110 310 94859 9641 101 $19.99 New. %��������� # 20 #18 16 #14 #10 T I E M C O. Hanak Fly Hooks A forerunner in innovative design of competition fly fishing hooks, Hanak continues to emphasize efficiency from the moment of the fish strike to the successful landing. We also make available bulk lots of Mustad hooks at the best prices online. U001 #08-24 Hooks. Legend HOOK SIZING CHART Mustad 39940NPBN, 39941NPBN, 39942NPBN Circle Hooks Prior to 2014, these hooks were BLN sizing_chart ©Jann’s Netcraft LLC 2016 Please contact Product Support for additional information on our products email - • Phone - (419) 868-8288 Option 1 • Fax - (419) 868-8338 HOOK & SPLIT RING GUIDE FREE Delivery on orders over £10 for books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon. Size Chart - Please print for accurate sizing. 100 per box. Jul 10, 2014 - Village Tackle is dedicated to the art and sport of fishing with handmade lures, fishing flies and live bait. Customer Review. I received this from Bill Schievink at Togens. I received this from Bill Schievink at Togens. News; Product Tips & Tests; VMC International Videos; Company . 0000015605 00000 n xref Using only the best possible materials and Mustad technology lets you fish with confidence. Material. TMC Hook Chart Fine Wire Parachute Flies TMC518 TMC508 TMC112Y TMC103BL FLY HOOKS TMC212Y Floating n Terrestrials TMC5212 TMC2312 TMC2302 iank Streamers TMC708 Long Shank TMC3CO & TMC206BL Caddis Standard Dry Flies TMC102Y TMCIOO TMCt12TR TMC921 TMCIOOBL TMC101 TMCgOOBL TMC'13BLH TMC212TR TMC2488 TMC2487 TMC2487BL TMC226BL È:short … 0000019882 00000 n Mustad jig hooks are usually produced of 10-12/0 sizes with plenty of different varieties: 45° wide gap jig, size 2/0-8/0; 60° Circle Jig Hook, size 4-5/0; 90° Mustad jig hooks, which is excellent for Shakey head jig. ALL MUSTAD HOOKS HAVE INDIVIDUALLY SIZED HOOK WIRES. Tiemco. The Mustad brand can be found in over 160 countries and covers all disciplines of sport fishing as well as industrial and traditional fishing. dry fly hook that is the perfect choice for standard wets and soft hackle flies. Out preferable Mustad fishing hooks for saltwater, are Aberdeen hooks. The Mustad circle hook range covers everything from baby Tarpon on a fly to Goliath in the deep. Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clips - Fishing Clip/Sna .